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IG Highlights: How To Hide Instagram Highlights

For increased privacy, Instagram affords the feature to hide your story highlights and live videos from particular users. This feature resembles a blacklist of accounts prevented from viewing your stories and highlights.

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In This Article:

  • Different Methods to Hide Highlights on Instagram

  • Using the Archiving Feature to Hide Highlights

  • How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram

  • Relevance of Hiding Instagram Highlights

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In the age where short video features are becoming increasingly popular, Instagram stands out with its Highlights feature. Despite the prevalence of similar features on other platforms, Instagram's user-friendly interface and efficient functionality have kept its user base loyal. We'll delve into the nitty-gritty of how to hide, edit, and even delete these highlights, ensuring you have total control over your Instagram presence.

Hidden Stories: For increased privacy, Instagram affords the feature to hide your story highlights and live videos from particular users. This feature resembles a blacklist of accounts prevented from viewing your stories and highlights. To update this, tap the text 'N individuals' ('N' representing the number of people), and a list of accounts will be displayed.

Different Methods to Hide Highlights on Instagram

Achieving privacy in your Instagram profile involves understanding the various features that allow you to manipulate the accessibility of your highlights. In this section, we elucidate two prominent strategies for hiding Instagram highlights.

Method 1: Change Story Privacy Settings

Initiate a change in your story privacy settings to gain control over who gains access to your Instagram highlights. This process includes the following steps:

  1. Access the Instagram app on your preferred device.
  2. Select your profile icon, located in the bottom right corner of your home page. This action transports you directly onto your profile page.
  3. Proceed to navigate to the Settings option. Discover the Privacy section and subsequently, the Story section.
  4. Establish a selection of people to exclude from viewing your stories and highlights. Instagram presents a feature called 'Hide Story From,' exploited to create a 'blacklist'. By incorporating particular individuals into this list, they become incapable of viewing your highlights.

Implemented as detailed above, this method denies specific people access to your regular stories while still permitting them to follow you and view your posts, thus ensuring a balanced sharing of your Instagram content.

Method 2: Use Close Friends List to Hide Highlights

Privacy on Instagram also finds representation via a curated whitelist designed, aptly named 'Close Friends.' The utilization of this unique list allows selective sharing of stories, highlights, posts, live videos, and reels. This strategy involves:

  1. Activation of Instagram's Close Friends list. Just as with the previous approach, ensure you're in the Instagram app and positioned on your profile page.
  2. Structuring of your Close Friends list. Initiate the selection of accounts whom you believe qualify to share your exclusive contents with. Incorporate these chosen friends into your Close Friends List.
  3. Employ the Close Friends feature to post and share. Once the creation of this list is complete, share any content, including highlights, to this select group of individuals only. This action restricts the visibility of your content to just those in your immediate circle.

Understanding and maneuvering both of these methods provides an efficient way of maintaining your privacy on Instagram, while still sharing what matters most with those that matter most. The successful implementation of these adequately curated lists - 'Hide Story From' and 'Close Friends' - present a seamless way of sharing your public content, with specific updates designated to your close friends and family, giving you total control of your Instagram audience.

Using the Archiving Feature to Hide Highlights

Let's dive into the journey of mastering the Instagram archiving feature for managing your highlights.

  1. Commence by opening the Instagram application on your digital device. This move sets you on the path of achieving your mission.
  2. Proceed to your personal profile page. This location harbors the control panel for your highlight operations.
  3. Press and hold the particular highlight you desire to archive. This long press prompts two possibilities: 'Delete' or 'Edit'.
  • Choosing 'Delete' necessitates your affirmation before executing the final removal.
  • Opting for 'Edit' presents the editing screen, where you find the 'Archive' option.
  1. Tap 'Archive' to conceal the highlight from public view. Remember, archiving doesn't equate to deleting. Your archived highlights lie in wait for future rediscovery.

Please note that making your Instagram account private can further control and limit content visibility.

An additional, perhaps more refined approach, involves selectively hiding certain stories within a highlight rather than the entire highlight. This method employs Instagram's Archive feature by tapping the 'three dots' ('More' options) in the lower right hand corner, selecting 'Remove from Highlight' for an individual story, and then confirming the removal in the subsequent popup. Revisit the 'More' menu at any time to make further adjustments with 'Edit Highlight'.

While archiving Instagram highlights lacks a direct route, these steps provide you with strategic detours to effectively manage your highlighted content visibility. All users who have permission to view your profile still retain access to your archived highlights.

Remember to enable the 'Save Story To Archive' setting for automatic archiving of your Instagram Stories (and associated highlights). Accessing your archived content involves a journey to your profile, via the 'three lines' dropdown menu, to 'Archive', and finally selecting 'Stories Archive' under posts archive.

Streamline your Instagram experience according to your preferences using these archive processes for highlight management.

How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram

Advancing further into the realm of Instagram Highlights, let's discuss the process involved in deleting an Instagram Highlight entirely, or just specific portions of it.

Steps to Delete an Entire Highlight

Firstly, access your Instagram profile by clicking on the profile icon positioned at the bottom-right corner of your screen. On your profile page, locate the Highlight you want to eradicate. Once identified, long press the Highlight until a pop-up menu appears. The final step involves selecting the Delete Highlight option. Confirm your choice by clicking Delete once again when prompted. Remember, this process irreversibly removes the entire Highlight from your profile.

Steps to Delete Specific Highlight Slides

If you want to retain some parts of a Highlight, but want to dispose of certain slides within it, follow these steps. Firstly, access the Highlight containing the slides you wish to remove. Once inside the Highlight, find the desired slide to delete and tap on the More option, which can be found at the right-bottom corner, denoted with three dots. Thereafter, select Remove from Highlight. This action ensures the specific slide gets permanently removed from the Highlight, but leaves the rest of the Highlight untouched.

Relevance of Hiding Instagram Highlights

Securing your digital footprint and managing your profile's content presentation unfold as crucial aspects in the Instagram landscape. By diving into the relevance of hiding Instagram highlights, you gain a comprehensive understanding of its significance.

Importance of Privacy and Control

In today's digital forum, your control over content visibility presents a significant edge. By hiding Instagram Highlights, you curate content that remains visible to a choice-centered audience, making it a valuable tool for personal privacy. It allows molding of a polished, aligned image, assuring impactful first interactions, whether it is personal or tied to your brand image.

Through Instagram's privacy features, exercise discretion on who accesses specific content and navigate potential privacy hazards. For example, Instagram Highlights often exhibit some of your best moments and comprehensive content. Hiding certain Highlights lets you sculpt an organized and focused profile, imprinting a high quality first impression on profile visitors.

Strategic Content Rollout

The rhythm of revelation and concealment also holds importance, particularly for influencers and businesses. Dynamic adjustments in Highlights, such as intelligent concealment and exposure, can form a potent content rollout strategy. This approach piques novelty, germinates anticipation among followers, and fuels continued engagement.

For instance, Highlights typically accommodate specific events, promotions, and seasonal content. After the said period, hiding these Highlights ensures that your profile appears up-to-date and decluttered, featuring only the most relevant and timeless material. Revising Highlights periodically refreshes your profile, prevents age, and maintains an evolving content repository.

Moreover, updating content helps cater to a sterling user experience. Outdated or irrelevant highlights might drive visitors away. However, a clean, updated Highlights list ensures visitors find their desired content quickly, promoting a beneficial interaction with your profile.

Tips and Precautions on Hiding Instagram Highlights

Harnessing Instagram's features to curate your digital narrative involves more than just creating and editing highlights - turning to an unseen mechanism controls the audience visibility. The Hide Story from option serves as a gatekeeper for your story highlights, affording you the innate control of individual visibility.

Craft a Hide Story From list

Embarking on the journey of personalized content display, the formulation of a Hide Story From list acts as the first checkpoint. This list resembles a blacklist and includes profiles you deem undeserving of interaction with your highlights, stories, or live videos. Here are the steps to construct this list:

  • Initiate by tapping the text displaying the number of profiles, e.g., 3 People.
  • Verify the action with the appearance of a list of accounts.
  • Utilize the search bar to locate specific usernames.
  • Designate these accounts for inclusion, validating the action through visible blue checkmarks against the respective names.

Exercise Close Friends List Initiative

In contrast to the blacklist approach, Instagram offering the Close Friends List feature, allowing a whitelist oriented interaction. This feature designates a group of profiles, drafted by you, as the exclusive audience for your posted content.

Manage Instagram Highlights Expertly

Instagram highlights carry significance in providing a digest of prolonged posts. Viewers are first introduced to these highlights on your profile, underscoring the importance of managing them appropriately.

  • To generate a new highlight, operationalize the Instagram application.
  • Proceed by clicking the profile symbol at the page's lower right corner.
  • Lure your sight to the New option with the plus sign, residing under your profile's bio.
  • Voyage through your Stories Archive, earmarking desired photos and videos for your highlight.
  • Chronicle your highlight with a unique name, followed by pressing Add.
  • A final professional touch can be a customized cover for your highlight, achievable through the edit cover option.

Undo Highlight Hiding Actions

Recovering from an accidental hide action, or intentional reinstatement, involves a simplistic protocol:

  • Tap the three dots denoting the More options in the corner.
  • Choose to untick and Remove from Highlight.
  • Authenticate your action by selecting the red Remove option.

Consider these tips and cues to utilize Instagram's features optimally, enhancing control over your digital persona, while exercising the due precautions of user interaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Highlights is a feature that allows users to save and showcase their stories beyond the typical 24-hour duration. Creation and manipulation of Highlights are relatively straightforward and user-friendly.
  • For increased privacy, Instagram has features that allow you to manipulate the visibility of your highlights by changing Story Privacy Settings, using the Close Friends list, or archiving specific highlights.
  • You can delete an entire Instagram Highlight or specific portions of it, giving you complete control over your content.
  • Hiding Highlights is a key strategy for managing your digital footprint on Instagram, especially for maintaining privacy and creating a strategic content rollout. Over time, maintaining and updating your Highlights can prevent profile stagnation and enhance user interaction.
  • Instagram gives users the ability to edit, delete, and undo the action of hiding a Story Highlight, providing comprehensive content control. Remember that changing the sequence of Instagram stories is not currently supported.
  • Using Instagram's features such as the 'Hide Story From' option, and 'Close Friends List', can help to curate your digital narrative and control who has visibility of your content.


So, you've learned how to master your Instagram Highlights. From creating to customizing, managing, and even hiding them, you're now equipped to curate your Instagram profile like a pro. Remember, it's all about controlling your digital narrative and ensuring your profile reflects your personal or brand identity. Utilize the Hide Story From list or the Close Friends List feature to manage who sees your Highlights. Don't forget, you can always undo any hiding actions and re-customize your covers. Now, go ahead and shape your Instagram story with confidence and precision. Your Highlights are waiting for your magic touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone see if I see their Instagram highlights?

Yes, the person whose Highlights you viewed can see your username in the viewer's list, but only if the Highlight was posted within the last 48 hours. After this time, Instagram removes the views and usernames attached to the Highlight.

Why can't I delete my highlights on Instagram?

Highlights on your Instagram profile will remain as long as you don't remove them manually, even after the original stories have vanished from the regular Story feed. If you want to delete a Highlight, you must do so specifically.

Do highlights disappear on Instagram when you hide your story?

No, Instagram Highlights don't disappear when you hide your story. They remain until you remove them manually. Remember, those who were permitted to see your original story can also view your Highlights.

How do you delete highlights on Instagram?

To delete a Highlight, tap and hold the Highlight under your profile info. From the pop-up menu, choose "Delete Highlight" then confirm your decision. The Highlight will be removed but the stories in it will still be in your Archive unless you delete them.

Can you archive or hide Instagram highlights?

Yes, you can hide or archive Instagram Highlights. Head to the settings menu on your profile, find the option "Save Story to Archive", tap on that and your Highlights will be archived without deleting them. This way, you can hide Highlights from your profile, but they’ll remain saved in your Archive.

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