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How to View Someone's Instagram Story Without Them Knowing in 2024

Want to check out someone's Insta story without them knowing? Here are some sneaky ways: create a fake account, use "Airplane Mode," or try third-party apps like Story Saver. But remember, respect privacy and use these tricks responsibly!

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In This Article:

  • Exploring Different Methods to View Someone's Instagram Story Anonymously

  • Using Third-Party Applications

  • Utilizing the "Airplane Mode" Trick

  • The Importance of Respecting Privacy and Boundaries

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Hey, ya know how sometimes you're just dying to take a peek at someone's Insta story but you really don't want them knowing about your little spy mission? Don't sweat it, we've all been in that boat! Maybe it's because you don't want your buddy getting too big for their britches or perhaps secretly checking out your crush's latest shenanigans. Well, guess what? We've got some sly little techniques to help ya out.

Here comes the fun part - there are actually some nifty tricks to view Instagram Stories on the down-low. But heads up, every trick has its own lil' snag. So why hang around? Let’s dive right in and figure out how you can be a sneaky-beaky viewer of someone’s Instagram Stories!

Exploring Different Methods to View Someone's Instagram Story Anonymously

Instagram, with its Stories function, has undoubtedly levelled up the social media game. Yet, it's natural for some of us to have wondered how to view someone's Instagram story without them knowing. To assist you in this seemingly impossible task, let me introduce you to several ways employed by some netizens all over the globe.

Creating a Fake Instagram Account

A widely adopted strategy is to create an Instagram account with a fake identity. It's important to emphasize here that while this method may be popular, it's not an endorsement of duplicitous behavior. If you do choose this route, remember not using an email that's linked to your personal social media accounts. Signing up with a fresh email and ideally with a new IP address (through VPN or mobile data), is the bare minimum to ensure you don't alert Instagram's security protocols.

Using the Airplane Mode

Another interesting method includes using the Airplane Mode on your device. It's often seen as a hack and, as with all 'hacks', it does not guarantee success 100% of the time. The trick behind this is that when you're in airplane mode, your device connection is off, making you virtually anonymous. However, while it sounds appealing, it may just be untenable. There's also the consideration that Instagram may have developed countermeasures to this too.

Third-Party Apps or Websites

The third solution to bypass Instagram's tracking system involves third-party apps such as Story Saver, Story Download, or websites like These platforms are designed specifically to help you view Instagram Stories without your name popping up in the viewer list. They're akin to a private Instagram story viewer, safeguarding your identity while you enjoy the content. Like with any third-party applications, I encourage you to check the security settings and read user reviews before proceeding to use these platforms.

We all have a certain level of curiosity, and Instagram Stories may ignite that curiosity even further. The methods I've shared can facilitate viewing a story incognito but they come with their own share of limitations and risks. It's vital to understand that these tactics may raise ethical concerns or infringe on privacy rules. Therefore, discretion is advised in their use.

Using Third-Party Applications

When I want to find out how to view someone's Instagram story without them knowing, it's important to tread with care. It's not always an easy or ethical task. Nonetheless, if the Instagram story is publicly accessible and you choose to do so for non-malicious reasons, there are ways such as using third-party apps.

Understanding the Risks Involved

Let's dive headfirst into the murky waters of using third-party applications for this purpose. One of which is to use the Chrome IG Story extension. Remember, just as any other private Instagram story viewers, these are not officially sanctioned methods by Instagram. The use of third-party apps can often infringe upon Instagram's terms of service and thus, may lead to penalties and potential bans. In some jurisdictions, the use of such methods could even be viewed as illegal.

  • Risk
  • Explanation
  • Infringement of terms
  • Violates Instagram's terms of service
  • Potential Bans
  • Instagram could ban your account
  • Legal Consequence

Some jurisdictions might deem these methods illegal

It's essential not to use these methods for negatively impacting someone else's privacy or cause damage.

Steps to Follow to Use Third-Party Apps Safely

If you're still considering taking this route, here's how you can navigate through this process with the Chrome IG Story extension.

  • Open Google Chrome browser on your computer or laptop.
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the browser and select More Tools.
  • From the left menu, click on the Extensions and choose the Get More Extensions at the bottom of the opened page.
  • In the extensions search menu, enter the name of Chrome IG Story extension and search it.
  • Once you find it, click on the Add to Chrome option to download and add it to your browser.
  • Then open the web version of Instagram and log in to your Instagram account. Now you can view Instagram stories without them knowing.

Always ensure you eliminate the potential risks associated with these methods. For instance, protect your account from being tracked by disabling screenshot notifications on your device and using a VPN while browsing online. If you notice any suspicious activity, you should report it immediately to avoid compromising your security.

There's really no foolproof method to view someone's Instagram stories without them knowing, but if you play your cards right and tread carefully, you might be able to view that story in anonymity. Just remember to always respect privacy, and never use these methods for nefarious purposes.

Utilizing the "Airplane Mode" Trick

There's another method that's quite popular among Instagram users to view Instagram stories without them knowing - it's often referred to as the "Airplane Mode" trick. It's a relatively simple process that anyone can master; moreover, it requires no third-party app installation, making it a safer and more privacy-friendly option for Instagram browsing needs.

Here are the steps for how to view someone's Instagram story without them knowing using the Airplane Mode trick. This trick is based on toggling your device's connectivity off at just the right moment to view a story without alerting the uploader.


  1. Open the Instagram app and ensure you're logged into your account.
  2. Wait for all stories to load on the top bar of your screen. Do not click on the story you want to view just yet.
  3. Now, turn on the Airplane mode on your device. For Android and iOS, you can do this from the swipe-down or swipe-up control panel. The aim here is to cut off internet connection.
  4. With Airplane mode activated, go back to Instagram app, and view the story. The uploader won't be alerted that you've seen their story.

There are, however, certain things to keep in mind when using the Airplane Mode trick.

  • Theoretically, as soon as you turn off Airplane mode, Instagram might sync and update the story view status. To avoid this, before switching off Airplane mode, make sure to close the Instagram app first. You can do this by removing it from your recent apps or force stopping it from the settings menu.
  • The Airplane Mode trick isn't 100% reliable. There's a fine line between successfully viewing a story without alerting the owner and failing to do so. Thus, it's only advisable if you're viewing content from accounts who won't be bothered by your view should the trick fail.

Although this method is not as effective as using a private Instagram story viewer, it serves well due to its simplicity and accessibility. Nonetheless, users are urged to use these tricks responsibly and to respect the privacy of other Instagram members.

In the next section, we'll delve into another exciting method: Using third-party Instagram story viewers.

The Importance of Respecting Privacy and Boundaries

While we delve further into methods on how to view someone's Instagram story without them knowing, it’s critical to underscore the importance of digital etiquette. Instagram stories offer a window into the lives of others, yet not every window is open to us. Respecting privacy entails recognising these boundaries.

With the rise of several legitimate and illegitimate methods (like private Instagram story viewer), it’s easier than ever to bypass such boundaries. Despite the lure of anonymity, it’s important to question if our motives justify the intrusive measures we take.

Sure, surprising your friend with a secretive watch of their story sounds fun. But consider the creepiness quotient when you view Instagram stories without them knowing from, let's say an ex-partner, or a person who wished for you to maintain a distance.

As a rule of thumb, boundaries in the digital world should parallel those in the real world. One wouldn't peep through another's window without permission, so why should it be any different on Instagram? Remind yourself that online platforms aren't separate from real-life experiences, but extensions of them. The standards of respect and privacy apply just as much.

Contravening these boundaries may lead to serious consequences. The victim may feel violated, leading to repercussions for the intrusive viewer. For instance, under Instagram's ToS, invading privacy may result in an account suspension or worse. The stolen login information through third-party apps is another very real hazard.

Intrusion might seem like a small blip amid the vastness of the internet, but actions ripple into the social fabric, shaping norms and influencing behavior. We can usher in a shift, albeit gradually, emphasizing respect for privacy as a cornerstone for digital intercourse.

While I have highlighted the downsides of viewing stories anonymously, please understand it's not an indictment of all methods available. Some situations require a nuanced approach, and that's where tricks like the 'Airplane Mode' come to rescue. But caution is the key. You can walk this tightrope without falling into the pit of disrespect, as long as you maintain a responsible attitude.

So, as we continue exploring different ways on how to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, remember, privacy and respect aren't something to bypass but the cornerstone of every interaction we have. Let's navigate these technological waters with an understanding and respect for others’ boundaries.


Navigating the digital landscape can be tricky, especially when it comes to respecting privacy. It's true that there are ways to view someone's Instagram story without them knowing, like using private Instagram story viewers or the 'Airplane Mode' trick. But remember, the key is to tread lightly and responsibly. Just as we respect boundaries in the real world, let's extend that courtesy online as well. The potential fallout from violating privacy on Instagram, like account suspension, isn't worth the risk. So, let's prioritize respecting digital privacy and maintain a responsible attitude. After all, we're all here to connect, share, and grow together in this digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Can someone see you viewed their Instagram story if you don't follow them?

Yes, anyone can see who viewed their Instagram story regardless of whether they follow them or not, as long as their account is set to public.

Why is always the same person on top viewers on my Instagram story?

The order of viewers on your Instagram story is primarily based on your level of interaction with them. This may include likes, comments, or visits to their profile.

What does muting someone on Instagram do?

Muting someone on Instagram will prevent their posts and stories from appearing in your feed. However, you will still remain connected to their account.

How do you see who stalks your Instagram?

There are various third-party apps available, such as Follower Analyzer, Profile+, Find My Stalker, FollowMeter, and Stalker Reports, which promise to show you who's engaging with your Instagram content.

How do you know if someone has muted you on Instagram?

There isn't a definitive way to know if you've been muted on Instagram. However, if someone who frequently liked or commented on your posts suddenly stops, they may have muted you.

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