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How to Share Full 30-Second Reels on Instagram Story

Instagram's continuous updates have revolutionized how we share and enjoy content. Among these updates is Reels, which permits up to 90 seconds of recording time. However, one challenge comes with sharing longer reels on Instagram Stories.

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In This Article:

  • Choosing the Right Content for Your Reel

  • Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put a Full 30 Second Reel on Instagram Story

  • Making Your Reel Engaging

  • Why Share Reels on Your Instagram Story?

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Instagram's continuous updates have revolutionized how we share and enjoy content. Among these updates is Reels, which permits up to 90 seconds of recording time. However, one challenge comes with sharing longer reels on Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories only show a brief 15-second preview of your reel. As a result, viewers have to tap to watch the complete reel in the Reels section. But what if you aim to share a complete 30-second or even 60-second reel on your Instagram Story?

Creating and Preparing Your 30-Second Reel for Your Story

Choosing the Right Content for Your Reel

Picking suitable content for your Reel forms a crucial starting point in this journey. Remember, your Reel acts as a billboard for your brand on Instagram. So, integrate eye-catching visuals with engaging content to command viewer attention.

Consider the interests of your existing audience and craft your content accordingly. For example, if your followers enjoy travel content, a dynamic Reel showcasing a collection of striking destinations forms a compelling choice.

Editing Your Reel

After selecting desirable content, you undertake the editing phase. Align the clips cohesively to form a seamless narrative. Highlight crucial aspects by trimming unnecessary parts. Instagram grants you access to a variety of editing tools that facilitate these operations.

Use brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments to enhance the visual appeal of your Reel. Remember, you aim to tie together a succinct but impactful story within the confines of 30 seconds. Ideally, each clip transitions fluidly to the next, maintaining narrative consistency and interest.

Adding Music and Special Effects

You can further enrich your Reel with music and special effects. They not only boost entertainment value but also set a mood that complements your content. Instagram provides a library of songs and sound effects to fit different moods and themes.

For instance, a travel Reel can carry a light, airy tune that amplifies the freedom and joy of exploration. Equally, consider applying filters to enhance the stylized flair of your Reel.


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put a Full 30 Second Reel on Instagram Story

Adding a Reel to Your Instagram Story

Begin the process of sharing your 30-second reel by logging into your Instagram account. Locate the Reel you intend to share and tap on the paper airplane sign, located below your reel. From the options that appear, opt for "Your Story" to integrate the Reel into your Story.

Remember, Instagram only permits a total length of 15 seconds for a single story. Thus, your 30-second Reel divides into two 15-second segments, best shared one after the other.

Customizing Your Story's Appearance

Apart from sharing, Instagram allows you to customize your Reels and make them blend seamlessly with your branding style. Use the platform's embedded editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast, apply filters and differentiate your content's appearance.

Furthermore, additional features like stickers, texts, or drawings enhance audience engagement. Employ your brand's colors and fonts to maintain visual consistency across all your content.

Tagging Friends and Adding Hashtags

Amplify your Story's visibility by tagging friends and utilizing relevant hashtags. Instagram notifies a user when tagged in a Story, prompting them possibly to share your story, thereby increasing your brand's exposure. Incorporating hashtags provides an organic gateway into the searches of like-minded Instagram users. Be mindful, though, tag only when contextually appropriate, and choose hashtags genuinely reflecting your brand and content.

Making Your Reel Engaging

Sharing a full 30-second Reel on your Instagram story requires ensuring both your Reel and Story offer gripping content, hooking your audience.

Best Practices for Sharing Reels on Stories

To make the most impact, align the Reels you choose to share on your Stories with topics that captivate your audience's interests. Seek to develop Reels that intrigue and engage, providing fuel for your followers to actively participate and connect with your work.

Remember, figures show that Reels of around 15-30 seconds often perform better, therefore, aim for this duration when creating your content. Although Instagram Reels can hit the 60-second mark, keeping them shorter may increase engagement and ensure your audience watches your Reel in full.

When editing your Reel, create a fluid narrative. A cohesive story enhances engagement by maintaining viewer interest from the first second of your Reel to the last. The music and effects you opt for increase the harmony of your story.

Incorporate Instagram's unique selection of effects and tools during this stage to further elevate your Reel.

Share your Reel to your Story immediately after you've developed your gripping Reel. Tap the paper airplane icon labeled 'Send To' found under your Reel, then select 'Your Story' from the sharing options that appear. Remember, add stickers and texts to your Reels before hitting the 'Post' button.

Utilizing Instagram Insights

Utilize Instagram Insights to monitor the performance of the Reels you share on your Stories. Instagram Insights, an inbuilt tool in the application, allows you to track the engagement and reach of your Reel. You can leverage this information to tweak your approach, ensuring every Reel you create outdoes the last in terms of engagement.

With Instagram Insights, you can identify optimal posting times, understand your audience demographics, and track content interactions. This integral understanding of your audience and their behaviour foster stronger connections, improving the overall effectiveness of your content.

When you effectively leverage Instagram Insights, you amplify your capability to connect with and grow your audience profoundly. Thus, the process of sharing a full 30-second Reel on your Instagram Story transcends posting an entertaining video; it morphs into an art of audience connection, engagement boosting, and profile growth.

Why Share Reels on Your Instagram Story?

Combining the dynamic features of Instagram's Reels and Stories presents many benefits. Effective sharing of these 30-second Reels on Instagram Stories engages audiences and enhances interactions, and overall, fosters an engaging social media presence.

Broaden Your Audience Reach

Instagram algorithms are likely to favor Reels, considering their recent introduction and push by the platform. Therefore, incorporating full 30-second Instagram Reels into your Stories can increase visibility across feeds, thus broadening audience reach.

Improve Audience Engagement

Reels offer an engaging medium with their video format and 30-second duration. The addition of these Reels to Stories can help reel in viewers' attention and potentially improving your overall audience engagement rates.

Show A More Personal Side

The informal and temporary nature of Instagram Stories merged with the creativeness of Reels provides a platform to show a more personal, behind-the-scenes view of your life or brand. A step-by-step guide demonstrating "how to share full 30-second Reels on Instagram story" thus empowers you to form a stronger connection with your audience.

Boost Content Lifespan

When you incorporate Reels into your Instagram Stories, they linger longer than typical Stories, which disappear after 24 hours. This extends the visibility and availability of your content, prolonging its relevance. By adeptly utilizing the features of Reels and Stories together, you can enhance the performance of your content on Instagram, garnering increased views, engagements, and connections with your audience.


Every technology has a knack of posing unique challenges. In this light, we address some common issues you might encounter while sharing full 30-second Reels on Instagram Stories, alongside offering simple, evidence-backed solutions.

Why can’t I share a Reel on Instagram?

There are various factors that could hinder your ability to share a Reel on Instagram. One primary consideration is to verify that your Instagram app is current, as older versions might lack support for specific functionalities. Secondly, a network error or server maintenance could be temporary setbacks. Lastly, a persistent bug in the Instagram app might be the culprit. This often inhibits sharing Reels to your Story, and clearing your app cache might fix the issue.

Why can’t I share another creator’s Reel to my Story?

Sharing another creator's Reel to your Instagram Story could be inhibited by a few factors.

If the owner of the Reel has a private account, Instagram restricts the sharing of their content. By design, this ensures that their media stays within their approved followers. While tagging you gives permission to repost their Stories, absence of the tag won't let you share it. On a similar note, if the owner of the Reel has disabled the "allow sharing to story" option, it will disable reposting. Ensure you seek the Reel owner's permission before reposting their content.

Check your internet connection to ensure it's adequately stable, as a weak connection might hinder your sharing ability. Also, it's worthwhile to monitor Instagram's server status to rule out any larger ongoing issues.

How do I post an Instagram Reel without posting to my feed?

Not every Reel you create needs to grace your Instagram feed. To share a Reel solely as a part of your Instagram Story, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Instagram app on your device and swipe left on the home screen.
  2. Tap on the 'REEL' tab at the bottom.
  3. click on the 'gallery' icon to post a pre-recorded video. You can also tap on the 'Reel' icon to record a new Reel.
  4. Edit your Reel and tap on 'Next'. This will prompt a settings page where you’ll be asked to create a caption and adjust your post settings.
  5. Under the “Share to Reels” tab, you’ll find a toggle option. Swipe left to disable the "Also share to Feed" option.
  6. Tap on the 'Share to Reels' option at the bottom-right corner of your screen to post it directly to the Reels section.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding how to effectively combine these features is crucial in enhancing your social media presence. Incorporating Reels into your Stories can broaden your audience, enhance engagement, give a personal touch, and increase content lifespan.
  • Before you share a 30-second Reel on your Story, ensure you choose content that fits, edit your Reel for a cohesive story, and add music and effects for a better experience.
  • When you post a Reel to your Story, it's crucial to follow guidelines that can improve visibility and engagement. These guidelines involve catering to what your audience likes, getting the duration right, ensuring the story flows well, and using Instagram's editing tools effectively.
  • Analyzing your Reel's performance using Instagram Insights is key to enhancing engagement and fostering growth over time
  • Troubleshooting measures include ensuring your Instagram app is up-to-date, checking for server issues, clearing cache for persistent bugs, and understanding usage restrictions on others' content. Moreover, users can share a Reel directly to the Reels section without posting to their feed.


So you've learned the ins and outs of sharing full 30-second Reels on your Instagram Story. It's not just about overcoming the time limit challenge but also about making the most of Instagram's features for better audience reach. Remember, frequent app updates and a stable network connection can save you from common hiccups. Now, it's time to put these tips into action and start sharing your captivating Reels seamlessly on your Instagram Story.

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