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How To Share Full 60 Second Reels On Instagram Story

Short, fun and entertaining—your instagram story is where you nurture your followers and share interesting photos, videos and reels that resonate with you. But despite that this feature is amazing, it’s frustrating that you can only share 15-seconds of videos to your story at a time.

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In This Article:

  • Uploading Your Reel to Instagram

  • How to Share Your Reel on Your Instagram Story

  • Engaging Your Audience

  • How to Create Your Instagram Reel

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Short, fun and entertaining—your instagram story is where you nurture your followers and share interesting photos, videos and reels that resonate with you. But despite that this feature is amazing, it’s frustrating that you can only share 15-seconds of videos to your story at a time. So those who want to share longer videos must do it in bite-sized snippets. In this post, you'll learn how to divide your Reel into four 15-second segments and share them sequentially, all in a few simple taps.

What are Instagram Reels?

A few year ago, Instagram introduced the Reels feature—a feature that helps users post short, entertaining videos. They can’t be more than 60 seconds long. In the last few years, many creators and businesses have used Reels to drive massive followers to their page. The feature has proven effective for extending reach and gathering more followers.

What are Instagram Stories?

This feature helps users to share pictures and videos that last for 24 hours on their story before vanishing. They appear on your profile in a row at the top of your followers' feed and offer captivating ways to stay connected. Instagram Stories provide various interactive features like stickers, polls, queries, and GIFs. Nevertheless, Instagram restricts the duration of videos in stories to 15 seconds, dividing lengthier videos into numerous 15-second segments.

Uploading Your Reel to Instagram

Access Your Instagram Profile

Kickstart the process by logging into your Instagram profile. Your profile forms the digital canvas where your reel will stand majestically tall, appealing to your audience's eyes. Proper login details provide a hassle-free transition to the next phase.

Select Instagram's Reel Option

From your profile, consider the iconic plus (+) symbol, typically located in the upper-right corner of the uploaded interface. This symbol serves as a passport for creating new content on Instagram, inclusive of Reels.

On tapping this symbol, a menu brimming with content options materializes, from which the "Reel" option expands your world into the art of reel creation and uploading.

Select the Reel for Upload

Once the reel creation process seems complete, Instagram directs you next to choose the Reel you desire to share. It proves effective to keep your Reel file organized and readily reachable, multiplying the effectiveness of this step.

Following your careful reel selection, Instagram jumps into action to process the upload, completing this task with speed.

Include Additional Reel Elements

At this juncture, Instagram bestows upon you the power to enrich your Reel with captivating elements such as captions, stickers, hashtags, and location tags. Seize these tools to perk up your Reel's appeal, ramping up its discoverability in the process.

Preview and Share

Once you cross this threshold, your Reel stands one step away from gracing your Instagram profile. Proceed to preview your creation, ensuring it mirrors your original vision for it. Upon the alignment of vision and creation, tap the "Share" button and witness your Reel sprouting live on your Instagram profile.

To share your complete 60-second Reel on your Instagram story, remember to slice it into four segments.

How to Share Your Reel on Your Instagram Story

Efficiently sharing a 60-second Reel on Instagram Story can immensely boost your visibility, multiply audience interactions, and significantly enhance storytelling on your Instagram profile. Below, we dissect the process of sharing both your and others' reels to Instagram Stories.

Sharing Your Own Reel to Instagram Stories

To share your Reel on Instagram, the first task includes launching your Instagram app and tapping the Plus Icon on the top of your screen. To begin, tap on 'Reel' and opt to snap a photo, record a video, or browse your phone's gallery for saved content.

Once you've selected your desired photos or videos, apply any edits needed to amplify the allure and significance of your Reel. Also, consider adding music to your Reel by tapping the Music Icon and then tapping on 'Done.'

Sharing Someone Else’s Reel to Instagram Stories

First, launch your Instagram app. Select the 'Reels Icon' at the bottom center of the screen. Browse through your reels until you find one you like, then click on the 'Share Icon' positioned on the left side of the screen. Add the reel to your story and make adjustments if necessary.

Customizing Your Story with Reel Features

Adding text, stickers, GIFs, and adjusting the transition speed give your Reel a more personalized flair. Integrating these features into your Reel is quite straightforward. After making the desired photo or video selections and necessary edits, tap 'Preview' to get a sneak peek of your Reel. In this preview mode, you have the liberty to add text, stickers, GIFs and also make adjustments to the transition speed.

Tagging Friends and Adding Hashtags

Making your Instagram Reels more discoverable involves effectively utilizing tags and hashtags. You can conveniently tag your friends in your Reel captions or comments. Relevant hashtags go a long way in exposing your Reel to a wider audience. Remember, incorporating relevant hashtags, denoted by '#' followed by a keyword, can significantly expand your Reel's audience reach. Keep them relevant and concise.

Engaging Your Audience

Sharing a Reel to your story is one thing. However, making it captivating for your followers so that they keep them coming back is more important. Here's how to make it happen:

Use Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights act as gateways to understanding the engagement metrics of your Reels. They provide data on likes, comments, shares, and saves for each Reel. Rely on these metrics to identify your most engaging content and optimize future reels accordingly. Also, examine audience demographics, such as age, gender, and location. This information helps tailor your reels to your target audience.

Examining peak engagement times and observing when your audience is most active aids in scheduling your Reels. Aligning reel postings with these times enhances visibility. Additionally, pay attention to content performance. Identify whether how-to tutorials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or humorous sketches resonate more with your audience. This analysis helps tailor your content strategy.

Don't overlook monitoring the performance of the hashtags used. Try to understand which hashtags drive the most engagement and reach. Then, refine your hashtag strategy based on these insights.

Interact with Your Audience

Interaction, a key player in audience engagement, transforms casual viewers into loyal followers, fostering a sense of community. Encourage viewers with compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), questions, and polls integrated within your reels. These techniques prompt viewers to interact with your reels and story, driving the engagement upwards.

Devote time to respond to comments and messages with genuine appreciation. Showing this level of interest in your audience's feedback not only elevates their experience but also enhances your understanding of their preferences. Regularly monitor the analytics to gain comprehensive insights into your audiences' behavior. This valuable data enables fine-tuning of your content strategy, tailoring it to the audiences' interests, and promoting full 60-second reels on Instagram stories more effectively.

Interaction and insightful understanding of your audience are instrumental in building an engaging Instagram presence. Master these components, and the art of sharing full 60-second reels on your Instagram story becomes more successful.

How to Create Your Instagram Reel

Crafting the perfect Instagram Reel entails judicious content selection, skillful editing, and the strategic addition of music and effects. Follow these meticulous steps to ensure your Instagram Reel is engaging, captivating, and sizable enough for sharing as a full 60-second spectacle on your Instagram Story.

Selecting the Right Content for Your Reel

In identifying the appropriate content for your Instagram Reel, consider your objectives, your audience's inclinations, and the coherence with your overall Instagram theme. For instance, fitness-orientated profiles might opt for Reels showcasing workout routines or healthy meal preparations. Similarly, travel-themed accounts could benefit from highlighting favorite destinations or sharing unique travel tips.

Gather a mix of photo footage and video segments that relay your story most compellingly. Bear in mind the narrative integrity of your content; each shot should seamlessly flow to the next to maintain your audience's engagement throughout.

Editing Your Reel

Once your content is in place, access Instagram's array of editing tools by tapping on your selected Reel content. Instagram permits you to sort your shots, add text overlays, draw on your images, and integrate GIFs for enhanced engagement. Ensure each edit amplifies the impact of your content. For instance, if using text overlays, they need to reinforce your visual message rather than distract from it. The rule of thumb here is to edit with purpose, not for the sake of editing.

Adding Music and Effects to Your Reel

Bolster the immersive quality of your Reel by complementing your content with appropriate music and effects. An upbeat soundtrack might suit fitness or travel-themed Reels, while a soothing melody would befit a nature-oriented Reel. Instagram provides an extensive licensed music library to pick from; just tap on the Music icon and select a track that aligns with your Reel's atmosphere.

Instagram's effects gallery is another powerful feature at your disposal. Apply filters to enhance your visual imagery or insert transition effects between shots for a smoother storyline progression.

Remember, while artistic freedom is encouraged, it's imperative to stay mindful of copyright and licensing issues. Instagram takes intellectual property rights seriously, and violating them could lead to your content being removed. Stay informed and show respect for others' rights to avoid any potential complications.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

Let's explore several common challenges associated with sharing Reels on Instagram Stories. Then, we'll discuss effective solutions to ensure seamless sharing experiences.

Why Can’t I Share Full Reels on Instagram Story?

Often, users find themselves puzzled while attempting to share a full Reel video on their Instagram Story. The primary reason commonly roots back to Instagram's constraints on Story duration-i.e., 15 seconds per story segment. Any video content longer than 15 seconds gets split into consecutive, sequential snippets, leading many users to believe there's no workaround to share a full 60-second Reel.

Additionally, technical restrictions concerning file size, file format compatibility, and internet speed might interfere with successful Reels-to-Story sharing. For instance, Instagram prefers MP4 or MOV files for a smooth upload experience. Also, unstable or slow internet connections can cause upload errors or interruptions.

Addressing Common Problems

When it comes to sharing full Reels on Stories, quick planning and a touch of creativity can easily overcome the 15-second constraint.

  1. Edit your Reel into segments: Break your 60-second Reel into four 15-second segments, resulting in a seamless and engaging Instagram Story experience for your followers.
  2. Check your file format: Ensure that your video format is either MP4 or MOV for trouble-free uploading. A simple conversion using any standard video editing tool should suffice in case the file is in a different format.
  3. Test your internet connection: Before starting the upload process, confirm your internet's stability and speed. A strong connection can drastically reduce the chances of upload errors.

Best Practices for Sharing Instagram Reels on Your Story

The Right Time to Post

Intelligently timing the sharing of your Instagram Reel Story rides high on the prerequisite list for optimal engagement. The engagement your content receives, measured through metrics like likes, shares, and comments, heavily relies on the timing of your posts.

Fortunately, Instagram Insights, an integrated analytics tool, can assist in navigating this aspect. It offers detailed insights into your audience's demographics and behaviors. Among the nifty tidbits it provides, the 'Most Active Times' data stands out. Peaks in your followers' Instagram activity, whether broken down by days of the week or specific hours in a day, can guide you towards ideal time slots to share your Reel Story.

For instance, assume your Reel is finalized and ready at 8 AM. But, Insights data indicates that your audience is most active at 9 PM. Instead of immediately sharing the Reel to your Story, waiting till 9 PM could result in higher visibility and, by extension, better interaction from your audience.

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Central to utilizing the how-to-shared full 60-second reels on Instagram Story effectively is mastering the art of keeping your audience engaged. Instagram Stories are naturally transient, lasting only 24 hours. To leave a lasting impression, they must immediately captivate viewers and sustain their interest throughout.

  1. Quality Content: Crafting appealing, well-edited reel is the foundation of your Story's success — make it catchy and relevant to your audience's interests.
  2. Strong CTA (Call to Action): Seal the engaging deal with convincing Calls to Action, be it nudging viewers to double-tap (like), comment, share, or explore more of your content by following your profile.
  3. Consistency is Key: Regularly post Instagram Reel Stories to both preserve the existing viewership and attract new eyes. Consistent postings promote anticipation among viewers, keeping them tuned in for your next offering.

Authenticity and storytelling are two traits that can supercharge your reels’ engaging quotient. Personalise your content, infuse it with your unique brand, share experiences, and weave a captivating narrative for maximum impact.

And finally, always prioritize interaction with your viewers — respond to their comments, acknowledge their shares, and overall, cultivate a thriving Instagram community around your content.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Reels are short videos up to 60 seconds, while Instagram Stories are temporarily lasting posts limited to 15 seconds per segment.
  • Careful selection of content, strategic editing, and the addition of music and effects are key elements of creating your Instagram Reel for effective storytelling.
  • The process of uploading your Instagram Reel to share the 60-second video in four segments on Instagram Story involves selecting your Reel, enhancing it with elements, and carefully previewing before sharing.
  • To post your entire Reel on your Instagram Story, you'll need to split it into four segments, each lasting 15 seconds. This way, you’ll comply with Instagram's time limitations for Stories.
  • Pay attention to Instagram Insights data and engage with your audience. This will make sharing full 60-second Reels on your Instagram Story successful.
  • Understanding Instagram's limitations allows you to strategize for optimal content sharing and overcome common issues, including the 15-second constraint for Stories, video format compatibility, and an unstable internet connection.
  • Strategic timing of sharing your Reel on Instagram Story based on your followers’ most active times and keeping them engaged with quality content could increase visibility and interactions.


You've now got the tools to share full 60-second reels on your Instagram story. Don't let that 15-second limit hold you back. By dividing your reel into four segments, you're not only sharing your content effectively but also maximizing visibility and engagement. Remember, timing is everything. Use Instagram Analytics to post when your audience is most active. Above all, keep them engaged with quality content, strong calls to action, and authentic storytelling. Stay consistent, interact with your viewers, and watch your Instagram community thrive. So go ahead, share those reels, and let your story unfold.

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