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If You View Someones Instagram Story & Block Them - Can They Tell?

Instagram Stories, inspired by Snapchat, let users share fleeting moments. Viewing a story adds your profile to a list visible only to the poster, which vanishes in 24 hours. If you view a story accidentally, options like toggling airplane mode or blocking the profile can help, each with its own considerations.

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In This Article:

  • If You Accidentally View Someone’s Instagram Story

  • Preventing Accidental Views of Instagram Stories

  • Hiding Your Instagram Story from Others

  • Privacy Concerns and User Experience

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The Mechanics of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, an ephemeral feature inspired from Snapchat, is designed to allow users to share glimpses of their day-to-day life that vanish after 24 hours. More than just a fun way to communicate, stories offer insight into who's been checking out your profile. Here's why: when you view someone's Instagram story, your profile becomes part of the 'viewed-list'. This list, visible only to the person who posted the story, shows who took a glimpse at their Story.

Yet, the list isn't permanent. Like the story, it disappears after 24 hours. Therefore, if you view someone's story and then wonder, "Can someone still see that I viewed their Story if I block them on Instagram?" There's more to the answer than a straightforward yes or no.

If You Accidentally View Someone’s Instagram Story

Just as with any other social media platform, mistakes happen on Instagram too. Let's delve into what could happen if you accidentally view someone's Instagram story and the three action steps that might help fix your digital slip-up. They include toggling your phone onto airplane mode, blocking the profile that you've viewed accidentally, and as a last resort, deactivating your account temporarily. Each method carries its own pros and cons, so choose one that suits your situation best.

Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is your first line of defense. In this proactive method, you'll force stop your internet connection, thus preventing Instagram from sending your 'view' update. However, this strategy demands prompt action since you're racing against time before your view gets recorded.

Turn on Airplane Mode immediately and don't revert it until the 24-hour window has passed, removing the story from the site. While it might seem like a valid option in the scenario, there's the underlying obstacle of disconnection from internet services for one whole day. If your view still gets counted despite your quick thinking, the downside might become a huge inconvenience.

Blocking the User

An alternate strategy pertains to blocking the user in question post-viewing their story. The inquiry circling 'if you view someone's Instagram story and block them, can they still see that I viewed their story?' proves relevant here. Instagram registers your view on a story, and it stays on their list for the full 24 hours, even if you block them afterward.

However, blocking could potentially create confusion in a social context. If the user realizes a block has been imposed post-story view, it could lead to misunderstandings, as they might perceive it as a response to their shared content. This action also means they can't access your profile or future stories either.

Deactivating Your Account

Lastly, deactivating your account is an extreme measure you can adopt if necessary. People deactivate accounts for numerous reasons, so the account owner might perceive your absence as you taking a short break from the app rather than jumping to conclusions about a story view.

Do bear in mind that this method has the main disadvantage of you losing access to your Instagram account temporarily. The course of action you're comfortable with ultimately depends on how much value you place on preserving your privacy versus your access to the app's service.

Through understanding these mechanisms, one can effectively navigate the features of Instagram and manage your digital presence smartly. It's crucial to remember that although mistakes happen to everyone, being informed can prevent these small mishaps from spiraling into a social media faux pas.

Preventing Accidental Views of Instagram Stories

Navigating the social media landscape, tutorials and tips are of immense benefit. In scenarios when you find that you've unintentionally clicked on someone's Instagram Story and desire immediate anonymity, the question may arise, "If you view someone's Instagram Story and block them, can they still see your activity?" Vital techniques can help manage this predicament, which stands at the crossroads of social media etiquettes.

Tips to Avoid Accidental Views

Thumbs and curiosity may sometimes lead to unintended consequences. Avoiding accidental views of Instagram Stories involves several practical steps. Short of the rather drastic measure of blocking the person in question, here are three effective tactics:

  1. Exercise Caution: Browse Instagram cautiously, avoiding hasty swipes and clicks on profiles you'd rather stay clear of. Curtain curiosity to avoid winding up on the 'viewed-list'.
  2. Use Feed Eradicator: Utilize tools such as 'Feed Eradicator' which can assist in curbing the temptation to browse Instagram Stories.
  3. Activate Airplane Mode: A quick thinking solution could be the activation of Airplane Mode immediately after the accidental view, although the effectiveness of this technique isn't foolproof.

Remember every action on Instagram leaves a digital footprint, and the key is to navigate thoughtfully.

Using Third-Party Apps for Prevention

One might consider third-party apps as a solution to prevent accidental Instagram Story views. While some external apps offer functions for private viewing, caution is advised. Despite the allure of a solution, the downside remains: these apps require access to personal account information, often lacking proper security measures. Risking privacy and account safety potentially becomes a greater issue than an accidental view. Therefore, it's advised to opt for safer native solutions within Instagram interface itself.

Creating a "Burner" Account as a Preventive Measure

Another plausible strategy is creating a “Burner” Instagram account. This secondary account serves multiple purposes: it safeguards your primary account from revealing unintended views, allows anonymous browsing and frees you from the bind of thought "Will someone know I blocked them on Instagram?" However, remember to sign out of your primary account before switching to the Burner account to maintain the divide.

To answer "Can someone still see that I viewed their Story if I block them on Instagram?"- Yes, within the 24-hour timeframe of their Story's life, your view remains visible. Post-blocking, they lose access to any further activity of yours. So, be strategic, understand these intricacies, and navigate your social media world smartly.

Hiding Your Instagram Story from Others

Being in control of who views your Instagram stories can be imperative to maintaining the privacy and engagement you prefer on the social media platform.

How to Block Someone from Seeing Your Instagram Story

It's important to know that 'If you view someone's Instagram story and block them' doesn't fully guarantee your invisibility because your account remains on the viewed-list for the length of 24 hours. Protecting your privacy, however, involves a more proactive strategy. Let's delve into the specifics of blocking someone from seeing your Instagram story.

The process starts quite simply:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Find and tap on the three-dot icon.
  3. From the menu that appears, select 'Hide Your Story'.
  4. To block a specific user, search for their username, and then click on it.

This method effectively hides your stories from the chosen user, but remember they can still see your profile and posts unless you block or restrict them.

The Impact of Hiding Your Story on Instagram

Consider the implications before you proceed with hiding your stories. The party in question might realize their exclusion, despite Instagram not providing a direct notification.

Bear in mind that if you watch someone's Instagram story and block them, Instagram doesn't withdraw the original story view immediately. The viewer's handle stays visible until the story naturally expires after 24 hours. This feature, however, varies between social media platforms. For instance, Snapchat, renowned for its privacy-oriented policies, may purge your view from the user's viewer list instantaneously upon blocking them.

Remember, though, hiding a story is just one of the privacy features Instagram boasts. Tune your account settings and follower list to your liking. Monitor regular platform updates for optimal accuracy and privacy.

Remember, at the very heart of easeful social media navigation lies mindfulness. Each interaction should be an informed decision. A discerning approach can convert your Instagram stories from commonplace social media tool to a powerful ally in your digital life.

Privacy Concerns and User Experience

Instagram gives you multiple options to manage your relationship with your followers, but each choice carries different implications, telling us that it's time to delve deeper into the privacy concerns and user experience offered by Instagram.

Block or Hide: Which Option Suits You Best

Pondering the question, "if you watch someone's Instagram story and block them, will they still know?" reveals the complexities of social media relationships. Remember, although hiding can limit visibility, blocking takes it a step further. In scenarios where you wish to avoid contact permanently, blocking offers a fail-proof option. However, remember that when you take such a decisive action as blocking, you're effectively severing the online relationship. Alternatively, hiding a story merely limits one aspect of visibility, a preferable option if you're looking to manage exposure without completely shutting people out of your space.

Managing Digital Footprints on Instagram

Your actions on Instagram, including whether you viewed someone’s story, linger for a short while. Thus, "if you view someones Instagram story and block them," they may still glimpse your digital shoe print if they checked their view-list before the block. Digitally, it's as if you walk on wet cement - your footprints remain visible for a time, perhaps even up to 24 hours, before erasing. Therefore, just as you'd be mindful of where you step in the physical world, extend the same caution to your digital interactions.

Understanding Online Relationships on Instagram

Instagram is a community, and each interaction constructs or deconstructs connections within that community. From navigating the view list to contemplating, "will someone know I blocked them on Instagram?" shows us that it isn't just about personal presence but also how we interact with others. Respect, caution, and understanding should guide every step you take on Instagram. Each action becomes a part of a wider narrative, one which shapes perceptions, relations, and experiences within the digital space.

Perception and Misunderstandings in Instagram Communities

In an Instagram-centric world, perception becomes reality. Viewing a story and later blocking the user, or lingering too long on a profile, can lead to unintended implications. It is essential to understand that even the seemingly mundane decision to hide your story might lead to misunderstandings. Likewise, the question, "can someone still see that I viewed their story if I block them on Instagram?" signals concerns over misunderstanding or misinformation. User experience is not just functionality—it also includes a nuanced understanding and prudent navigation of the socio-interactive scope of this digital platform.

Through this understanding, you can maintain control over your presence, manage your relationships, and enhance your Instagram experience, all while respecting the intricacies of digital communities.

Platform-Specific Considerations

Instinctively, you might compare the dynamics of Instagram stories and blocking to other popular platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat, looking for similarities or unique differences.

Instagram’s Story and Blocking Dynamics Compared to Facebook and Snapchat

Compare these three platforms - Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, each has their own unique dynamics concerning story-viewing and blocking operations.


This is where the drama typically unfolds. If someone's Instagram story has caught your attention and you end up viewing it, the story uploader gets notified about your view. An intriguing question here is, "If you view someone's Instagram story and block them, will they know?" Well, the answer is tied to Instagram's functionality. If you've viewed their story before you block them, your username will still be visible on their story view list. Yet, subsequent to blocking them, your view is untraceable in their future story posts, preserving your digital footprint - just like you are vanished from their Instagram world.

Contrarily, if you block someone, this doesn't erase your view from their past stories that you've already viewed. For example, if you watched someone's Instagram story and blocked them afterwards, your view will still be registered for that specific story.


Facebook, as an elder cousin of Instagram, shares a common parent company, but that doesn't mean Facebook carries the exact Instagram blocking dynamics. Here, it's also about the formative question, "If you watch someone's Facebook story and block them, will they know?" The story remains the same. If you've viewed their story prior to blocking, your view will stay on the list for that particular story. However, it will become almost inconceivable for them to see your future activities as you've blocked them. Additionally, utilizing tools like a Facebook email finder can also help you to stay ahead in your competitor analysis strategy.


Snapchat walks a slightly different path when it comes to views and blocking. If you watch someone's Snapchat story and then decide to block them, your view will be erased altogether. The story uploader will not have a clue about your initial view - indeed, a unique feature!

Strategies for Viewing Stories Without Leaving a Trace

As Instagram users, we often find ourselves in a predicament of viewing a story and then deciding if blocking the user is the right solution. Let's break down the essentials.

Things to Remember Before Viewing a Story

First, it's vital to note that blocking isn't a foolproof method of erasing your viewing trace. In specific context "if you view someones Instagram story and block them," it may not instantly delete your view from their list. Your name could potentially linger on their seen-by list until the story expires in 24 hours.

When you view a story, your account appears on a viewed list, which only the story poster sees. Regardless of how brief your interaction, if the story poster checks their views, your name will be right there. They won't get a notification stating you've viewed the story, but your handle would be displayed on the list viewer list.

How to View Stories Anonymously

Understanding the process "if you watch someone's Instagram story and block them" might hint at potential consequences. It's a valid concern to ask, "Can someone still see that I viewed their story if I block them on Instagram?" Blocking a user after viewing their story won't always make your view disappear if the story still holds.

  1. Be cautious: Measure if indulging your curiosity is worth the potential aftermath. Saving yourself from finesse such as blocking can be as simple as reconsidering watching a story in the first place.
  2. Ponder about creating a secondary account: Some users resort to this method to view stories without leaving digital footprints. While it doesn’t breach platform terms, ethical concerns remain.
  3. Avoid third-party apps: These apps could put your privacy at risk. Given they have access to your personal information without stringent security measures, they tend to be scams or are associated with fraudulent behavior, which can lead to serious issues in terms of privacy and risk management.
  4. Consider the "Airplane mode" method: It requires immediate action post viewing. Remember to keep your device in airplane mode until the story runs its 24-hour longevity. Albeit reliable, it's quite challenging since it requires you to restrain your device's connectivity.

Remember, "Will someone know I blocked them on Instagram?" isn't assured as users are not notified of a block. However, they might deduce it if they suddenly lose access to your content or profile. Thus, considering these strategies adds an extra layer of safeguard to your social media presence on Instagram.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Stories offer a glimpse into users' activities, and once viewed, the viewer's username appears on a list visible to the person who posted the story.
  • A blocking feature on Instagram allows users to control privacy, disabling blocked users from seeing posts, stories and profile.
  • If you view someone's Instagram story and then block them, your view stays on their viewer-list until the story expires after 24 hours.
  • Quick fixes for accidental story views, like blocking the user or deactivating your account, have their pros and cons, but certain measures like creating a "Burner" Instagram account can allow anonymous browsing.
  • You can shield your Instagram story from specific users from within Instagram settings, providing control over who sees your content.
  • Instagram offers various privacy settings that can help manage online relationships and privacy, with each choice carrying different implications.
  • Comparing Instagram to Facebook and Snapchat, each has its unique dynamics concerning story-viewing and blocking operations.
  • Watching someone's Instagram story and then blocking them does not automatically erase your view, it's important to understand digital footprints and manage Instagram interactions wisely.


Navigating Instagram's features like story viewing and blocking can be a tricky endeavor. But with the right strategies, you can maintain your privacy and control your digital footprint. Remember, blocking someone after viewing their story may not erase your viewing traces. So, think twice before you view. If anonymity is your goal, consider creating a secondary or "Burner" account. Be wary of third-party apps promising invisibility, as they often come with risks. Instead, try the "Airplane mode" method for a safer approach. And finally, understand that each social media platform has its unique dynamics. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat - they all manage user interactions and privacy differently. So, it's essential to stay informed and adapt your strategies accordingly. Here's to a more mindful and privacy-focused social media experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I accidentally viewed someone's Instagram story?

If you accidentally viewed someone's Instagram story, you can avoid your view being counted by blocking that user, thus, erasing viewing traces. Although, blocking on Instagram may seem drastic, it's one of the effective strategies for maintaining your anonymity on the platform.

Can I unview a story on Instagram?

Yes, you can 'unview' a story on Instagram by blocking the user. Navigate to their profile, tap on the three dots in the right upper corner and select 'Block'. Confirm your decision by selecting 'OK'. This action will remove your view from their story count.

Does blocking someone remove my view from their Instagram story?

Yes, blocking someone removes your view from their Instagram story, making them unable to see that you have viewed it. However, if you have interacted with their story (via sliders or polls), your activity may still be visible even after blocking them.

Can anyone view my Instagram story anonymously?

It's not possible to know exactly who has viewed your Instagram story as there are several methods (including third-party apps and burner accounts) users can employ to watch stories without appearing on the viewers' list.

How can I tell if someone muted my Instagram stories?

Instagram insights offer metrics like views, impressions, and engagements. If a specific person consistently doesn't view your stories or your story views significantly drop, it could be a sign that you've been muted.

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