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How to Share Reels on Instagram Story Without Posting

Instagram is a fun app to be. And sometimes, you see a funny or insightful reel and all you want to do is share it with your community of followers through your story.

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In This Article:

  • Preparing to Share a Reel on Your Instagram Story

  • Step by Step Guide to Sharing Your Instagram Reel to Your Story Without Posting

  • How to Share Someone Else's Reel on Your Instagram Story

  • Tips to Make Your Reel More Engaging on Instagram Story

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Instagram is a fun app to be. And sometimes, you see a funny or insightful reel and all you want to do is share it with your community of followers through your story.

However, because of the way the app is configured, it can be challenging to figure out how to share reels straight to your tale. For that reason, we've put up this thorough guide, which explains how to share reels from other users to your story without having them appear on your feed.

Preparing to Share a Reel on Your Instagram Story

To effectively share your Instagram Reels on your story without posting, there are certain preparatory steps to follow. These steps ensure you have the correct Reel selected and provide you a comprehensive understanding of the Instagram interface setup for this function.

Choosing the Right Reel

The Instagram Reels you decide to share on your stories play vital roles in your audience engagement, hence careful selection is pivotal. Choose reels that deliver value to your followers—be it entertaining or informative.

Keep in mind the concept of audience targeting. A Reel that resonates with your audience's interests, needs, or humor is more likely to succeed.

For instance, reels that showcase new workout routines, dietary advice, or fitness challenges can get more attention if you manage a fitness Instagram account. However, a makeup tutorial reel will not do as well because it doesn’t align with your viewers' interests.

Understanding the Instagram Interface

Navigating the Instagram interface is crucial in sharing your Reels on your story. To start, you must first know where to locate your Reels library and understand the selectable options related to sharing.

Generally, your Instagram Reel library is located in the lower middle portion of your profile page. Clicking on it would take you directly to your created Reels. From here, you can select the Reel you wish to share.

Once selected, you should see a paper aircraft icon, indicating the option to 'Send to.' Clicking on it presents you with various sharing options, including the 'Your Story' option. The Reel you share spawns as a story, visible to your followers for 24 hours, sans posting on your feed.

Step by Step Guide to Sharing Your Instagram Reel to Your Story Without Posting

You're about to master the art of sharing Instagram Reels to your story without posting it! Diving right into the actionable steps, the following guideline encompasses five meticulous phases.

Step 1: Finding Your Desired Reel

Start by accessing your Instagram account and navigating to the Reels tab to search for the desired reel. The selection could be one of your created reels or a reel from another user if the intention is to share their reels on your story. In search of reels, numerous options unfold.

Step 2: Navigating to the Share Option

Upon spotting the desired reel, the share option emerges at the focus. This option is symbolized by an arrow icon placed at the bottom of each reel. Quick to notice, simple to use.

Step 3: Selecting the 'Add Reel to Your Story' Option

After tapping on the share option, a list of sharing alternatives comes up. Among them, spot the "Add Reel to Your Story" selection. It serves your purpose of sharing the reel directly to your story without posting.

Step 4: Reviewing and Adjusting Your Story

Before proceeding to share, ensure everything is in order. This stage underscores the importance of examining if the reel fits within the frame, the audio settings align with your preference, and customizable elements such as text or stickers, if any, appear at the correct location. A sneak preview before sharing can avoid undesired mishaps after posting.

Step 5: Sharing Your Story Without Posting

The last movement of this process is sharing. Once ensured that all set pieces are in place, spot the "Your Story" icon at the bottom and tap on it. Voila, the reel transitions to your Instagram story despite circumventing a post on your feed.

How to Share Someone Else's Reel on Your Instagram Story

Intriguing Instagram Reels from other users may catch your attention, they might align well with your audience's interests. Here's how you can add them to your Instagram Story without actually posting them on your feed.

Identifying the Reel to Share

Not everyone's content aligns with the preferences of your followers. Therefore, the first task involves finding an appropriate Reel to share.

Start by accessing the Instagram application on your mobile. Select Reels Icon, the play button situated in the central bottom part of the app. A feed of reels will pop up. Scroll through until you find a Reel you think your audience would appreciate. For instance, a motivational speaker might choose to share Reels focusing on self-improvement tips.

Following the Same Steps as Sharing Your Own Reel

After identifying a captivating reel from another user, it's time to share it. Start by clicking on the Share Icon on the left part of the screen when viewing the Reel. A host of options will pop up. Direct your attention to and select 'Add reel to your story'.

Upon selection, you'd find yourself on the Instagram Story editor. Here, you have the opportunity to personalize the Story even further. Try adding stickers, GIFs, or even some text that would resonate with your audience for maximum engagement.

Upon finalizing your edits, share it with your followers. Click on 'Your Story' located on the lower-left part of the screen to share the Reel instantly to your Instagram Story. With these effortless steps, you have successfully shared someone else's Reel on your Instagram Story without posting it on your feed. Keep your Instagram strategies innovative and refined with these proficient methods of sharing Reels.

Remember, sharing other people’s content not only fuels your account with diverse content but also gives recognition to fellow Instagram users and their creative efforts. An interconnected and mutually beneficial practice of content sharing might just be the strategy you need to bolster your growth on Instagram.

Tips to Make Your Reel More Engaging on Instagram Story

Creating high-impact Instagram Stories amplifies an account's visibility. Swiftly sharing a reel on your Instagram Story without posting it provides a unique marketing strategy. Building upon the guidance in the article on how to share reels on Instagram story without posting, here's how to augment user engagement on your Instagram Reels.

1. Use Enticing Thumbnails

Thumbnails act as the primary visual impression potential viewers get of your reel. Select a thumbnail that not only symbolizes the content of the reel, but also piques curiosity. Remember to aim for clear, well-lit images that are visually striking.

2. Engage with Stickers and GIFs

Instagram offers a myriad of interactive stickers and GIFs, perfect for amplifying engagement. Use Poll, Questions, or Quiz stickers to encourage interaction from viewers. To foster brand uniqueness, customize GIFs to create a memorable brand experience.

3. Incorporate Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags help your content appear in relevant search results. Always incorporate a mix of broad and niche-specific hashtags. This gives your reel a higher probability of appearing on more users' Explore pages.

4. Include Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

A well-crafted Call to Action motivates viewers to engage further. Whether it’s visiting a link, following the profile, or reposting the reel, a CTA prompts a viewer to take action, thus increasing engagement.

5. Invest Time in Storytelling

Compelling, cohesive storytelling captivates audiences. Start by capturing viewer interest in the first seconds of your reel. Follow this up with a mix of tension, resolution, and wrap up with a strong ending. Stories that connect personally with viewers often see high audience engagement.

6. Publish at the Right Time

Optimal posting times maximize the chances of your content being seen. Study your Instagram Insights to determine when your followers are most active and aim to publish your reels around those periods.

In sharing a reel on Instagram story without posting, keep these tips in mind. They not only drive the intended content reach but also optimize user engagement. With compelling content, interactive elements, and strategic timing, you possess the power to make your Instagram Reel more engaging.

Importance of Sharing Reels on Instagram Stories Without Posting

Sharing Instagram reels directly to your story without posting them on your feed may sound a bit strange at first. However, it's a method that holds significant benefits and offers unique advantages for your content strategy.

  1. Preserve the Aesthetics of Your Feed: People frequently use a cursory glance at your feed to determine how helpful your Instagram page is. Therefore, it's ideal to keep your feed tidy, orderly, visually appealing, and representative of your brand or style. This way, you will stand out. When you share reels straight to stories without posting, you can experiment with various resources without disrupting the beauty of your feed.
  2. Boost Exposure to Content: Not everyone scans your feed intently for fresh content. Some people are content to simply view the stories of those they follow. By submitting your reels directly to your stories, you gain additional visibility among followers who primarily interact with stories.
  3. Drive Engagement: One of the fascinating characteristics of Instagram stories is their interactive nature. Sharing your reels onto stories allows you to harness this power. Your viewers can react, comment, or share your story, further amplifying its reach.
  4. Optimized for Mobile Viewing: Instagram stories fill the entire mobile screen, unlike posts on the feed. This feature lets viewers enjoy your reel in a more immersive, distraction-free environment.

Troubleshooting Common Problems When Sharing Reels on Instagram Stories

Hitches can happen when you share reels on Instagram Stories. Here's how you troubleshoot the common ones:

1. Instagram Not Sharing the Reel to Stories: Check your Instagram app for updates. If any exist, update your app. Stale versions usually precipitate malfunctions.

2. The Reel is Not Uploading: Inspect your network connectivity. Instagram demands good internet connections to upload reels. If your connection flickers or is generally weak, this can hamper uploading any reels.

3. The Reel Cuts Off or Skips: Consider the reel's length. Instagram only supports 15-second sections for each story. For reels longer than this, Instagram splits them into several sections. If your reel is not playing entirely, viewers might be skipping some of the inserted story segments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Share a Long Reel on My Instagram Story?

Uploading long reels—those exceeding the common 15 seconds length—to a story is acceptable. However, Instagram automatically segments these clips into 15-second intervals. Meaning, a viewer keen on seeing your entire reel is obligated to sequentially watch all story segments, given the reel's total duration.

Example: If a reel lasts 45 seconds, Instagram breaks it into three 15-second story fragments.

Rarely does this segmentation influence a viewer's consumption of your offered narratives, especially when your reel's content lures the audience in. If you wish to enhance your reel's impact, one trick to consider is staging suspenseful moments to coincide with the end of each 15-second story fragment. Doing so can pique intrigue and encourage viewers to keep watching.

How can I Share a Reel on Instagram Without it Appearing on My Feed?

While creating a reel, do not hit the 'Also Share to Feed' option. This tactic lets your reel appear exclusively in the Reels tab on your profile, devoid of any trace on your Instagram feed. Visitors then access your reels by navigating to the Reels tab.

Example: Click on 'Camera Icon', then choose 'Reels'. Craft your reel as needed, but when posting, avoid selecting the 'Also Share to Feed' switch before you hit 'Share'.

Why are reels on my Instagram feed?

The reels you see on your Instagram feed are based on various factors, including the accounts you follow, and the reels you've recently watched, liked, or engaged with.

Can I add a reel to my story without posting on my feed?

Yes, you can post reels on your Instagram story without posting on your feed by disabling the share-to-feed option. This option can be found just before you tap on the 'Share' icon when posting a reel.

How can I share a reel on my story instead of posting it?

To share a reel on your story, click the first button that says 'Add reel to your story'. This prepares a story with your chosen reel.

Do reels automatically get shared to my feed?

Reels automatically share to the Explore Page and the Reels tab on your profile. However, you can choose to share it on your feed by selecting 'Also share to feed'.

How can I prevent reels from being shared to my feed?

To avoid sharing a reel to your feed, create your reel and before hitting 'Share', ensure the 'Also Share to Feed' option is toggled off. Tap on 'Share' to post your reel only to your Reels grid.

Key Takeaways

  • Sharing Instagram reels directly to your story without posting them on your feed is an advantageous method to keep your feed aesthetic while maximizing story engagement.
  • Reels can increase content exposure since many Instagram users interact more with stories than the feed.
  • Selecting the right reel, resonating with your audience's interests, needs, or humor plays a pivotal role in audience engagement.
  • The successful sharing of Instagram Reels on your stories without them appearing on your feed involves preparatory steps like full understanding of the Instagram interface, accessing the reels library and using the 'Send to' function.
  • Thumbnails, interactive stickers and GIFs, relevant hashtags, clear calls to action, compelling storytelling, and strategic posting times are all key elements to make your reel more engaging on your Instagram Story.
  • When sharing a long reel on a story, Instagram segments these into 15-second intervals to best fit the story format. To ensure seamless viewing, it's recommended to match suspenseful moments with the end of each 15-second segment.


Now you’ve mastered the art of sharing Instagram Reels on your story without posting them on your feed. It’s time to pick, edit, and distribute reels that captivate viewers and increase interaction. Make sure to use the appropriate thumbnails, stickers, GIFs, and hashtags. Also remember to incorporate clear calls to action, invest time in storytelling, and post at optimal times for maximum reach. So go ahead, start sharing those reels on your Instagram Story, and watch your social media strategy thrive.

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