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How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story Without Layout 2024

Instagram Stories have transformed how we document our daily experiences. The photo collage trend is a good example of this. This trend is all about incorporating multiple photos into a single story.

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In This Article:

  • What is an Instagram Collage?

  • How to Create an Instagram Collage Story Without Layout

  • Best Third-Party Apps for Instagram Collage Stories

  • Enhancement Techniques for Your Instagram Collage Story

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Instagram Stories have transformed how we document our daily experiences. The photo collage trend is a good example of this. This trend is all about incorporating multiple photos into a single story. It's different, fun and creative. However, did you realize that you can craft an engaging collage without relying on the layout tool? It's easier than you might imagine!

This technique typically entails leveraging some built-in features of the Instagram app. The photo sticker feature, for instance, enables you to insert multiple images from your gallery into a single Instagram story. But, for those seeking a more refined aesthetic, third-party collage apps such as Canva provide an array of both free and premium templates. Below is a detailed guide to help you create your collage masterpiece.

What is an Instagram Collage?

An Instagram collage refers to the assembly of multiple images into a single Instagram story. This technique leverages Instagram's visual capabilities, enhancing content vibrancy.

Collages offer multiple perspectives, showcasing a series of snapshots on a single screen. Users often use collages to display styled images, compare photos, or narrate a sequence of events.

Instagram originally restricted collage creation to 'Layouts', but now enables users to include multiple images in a single story using the 'Sticker' feature. Additionally, third-party applications expand users' creative opportunities.

The Purpose of Instagram Collages

Creating Instagram collages magnifies storytelling tactics. Imagine narrating a story about your hike through the forest. Instead of posting multiple single-image stories sequentially, you can reveal stunning flora and candid moments in one collage. This approach wraps the day's experiences into a single compelling view, enhancing storytelling and audience engagement.

Tools to Create Instagram Collages without Layout

Contrary to the prominent 'Layout' approach, users can craft Instagram story collages without using the designated Instagram feature. This alternative avenue entails using the photo sticker or third-party apps, offering a wider range of templates and customization options.

Instagram's photo sticker tool permits users to include as many photos as desired in each story, fostering unique designs. The tool's simplicity influences its popularity, as users merely upload their photos and position them accordingly. To utilise this feature, users first select their story's background image. After that, tapping the sticker icon reveals 'Photo', enabling users to select additional images.

Third-party apps complement Instagram's photo sticker tool. Applications like Canva and PicsArt offer more template varieties, enhancing customization. After creating their collage, users save their design and upload it to their Instagram story. The applications' handy tools and welcoming user interface justify their popularity among users, driving beautiful Instagram story collages.

Mastering the Instagram collage art spawns an immersive Instagram platform. Implementing these tools and techniques enhances the way to make a collage on Instagram stories, optimizing platform usage. Audience engagement heightens with vibrant and dynamic content, enriching storytelling tactics and promoting active user interaction.

How to Create an Instagram Collage Story Without Layout

Let us explore diverse techniques that allow you to create collages on your Instagram stories bypassing the traditional Layout mode.

Use of Stickers to Make an Instagram Collage Story

Unlike the standardized grid patterns offered by Layout, the sticker functionality grants you greater control over collage composition. Here is a systematic breakdown on how to apply this tool:

Step 1: Open an Instagram Story and select your preferred background image or color.

Step 2: Tap on the sticker icon (a square smiley face).

Step 3: Choose the Photo Sticker from the list displayed. You now have access to your phone's photo library.

Step 4: Select as many images as required for your collage. Each chosen picture arrives as a sticker, which can be resized and positioned as per your preference.

Step 5: Feel free to add text or additional stickers for enhanced visual appeal.

Collage Layering: An Alternative to Layout Feature

Collage layering serves as another adaptable mechanism that fosters the integration of multiple pictures into a singular Instagram Story. Here’s the process to follow:

Step 1: Create your initial Story image, choosing the first picture you want to include.Step 2: Taking advantage of Instagram's sticker tool, add a second photo on top of your Story. To do so, tap the sticker icon, select Photo Sticker, and pick your subsequent image.Step 3: Continue the above-mentioned step to layer additional pictures on your Story. Feel free to position and scale each photo sticker to sculpt your collage as per your vision.

These techniques provide extensively customizable options on how to make a collage on Instagram story without Layout. They promise aesthetically pleasing and engaging Instagram collages, stimulating higher viewer interaction for your Stories.

Best Third-Party Apps for Instagram Collage Stories

Inherent in the strides towards futuristic modes of digital expression, the need for engaging storytelling techniques continues to scale up. Conversations around "how to make a collage on Instagram story without layout" exemplify this trend. Dive into the feature-rich world of three such prominent third-party apps designed for creating unforgettable Instagram collage stories.


Canva resonates as an undeterred champion among apps for developing high-quality Instagram story collages. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with an extensive library of templates grants users an extra edge in design execution.

Begin by downloading Canva to your device, sign up using a valid email address, select 'Templates' at the bottom, and then choose 'Social Media', 'Instagram Story' from the dropdown menu. Replace the default images and elements as desired, and voila! Your Instagram story collage is ready for the world to see.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express emerges as a beloved alternative for creating Instagram collages, thanks to its diverse project options inclusive of flyers, logos, and social media graphics. Engage directly in the design process, with options such as 'Create Blank' for creating custom themes or 'Add' for integrating additional items. Modify the layout to your liking, and instantly share your grand creations on Instagram.


Serving as the darling tool for practical user experience, Unfold facilitates seamless assembly of desired collages for Instagram stories. Its direct, hassle-free delivery on Instagram along with its range of theme options, sets the stage for unlimited creative exploration. Employ this app to personify your storytelling and make your Instagram collage stories a visual delight.

Enhancement Techniques for Your Instagram Collage Story

Further customizing your creative assets elevates the visual appeal of your Instagram stories. Explore these new techniques to transform your regular Instagram story into an aesthetically pleasing narrative.

How to Change Instagram Story Background Color

Allow natural customization of your brand color and bridge the gaps in your Instagram story backdrop with the Draw tool. The color selection process primes your narrative canvas with a context-specific color scheme.

  1. Initiate the process: Access your Instagram stories and select an image or video from your gallery or capture fresh content with the Instagram camera.
  2. Adjust the background color: Select the Draw tool after clicking the three dots located at the top right corner of your Instagram story.
  3. Customize the color: Following the appearance of the top and bottom toolbars, tap the pencil symbol on the bottom left. From the ensuing options, pick the desired color from your picture or video.
  4. Apply the color: A prolonged press on your screen changes the backdrop color of your Instagram story to the color you selected. Recurring parts of your image or video become visible by utilizing the eraser tool to alter the background as necessary.

Turning Live Photos Into Boomerangs

Trigger an extra layer of dynamic interaction by transforming live photos into Boomerangs.

  1. Choose your live photo: Open your Instagram story and select a live photo from your gallery.
  2. Convert to Boomerang: Apply a long press on the screen to initiate the transformation of your selected live photo into a Boomerang.

How to Post Your Instagram Collage Story

Step 1: Choose Your Collage App

Purchase Instagram collage-perfect apps such as PicsArt, Canva, or PicCollage. These applications offer a variety of templates for unique designs and provide multi-image dalliances outside Instagram's built-in Layout feature.

For example, Canva offers a large range of both free and premium Instagram story collage templates. It caters to different device usage, with a web-based app for PC users and a mobile app for both Android and iOS users.

Step 2: Create Your Collage

Design your multi-image collage using pictures from your device's gallery. Each app provides distinct features allowing you to apply extra effects for a creative edge. From color grading, adding stickers, or even changing the entire layout – these features drive your collage into a personality-filled narrative.

Step 3: Save and Upload

Once satisfied with your collage, save it to your device. This action prepares it for the final step - uploading. Choose to upload to your Instagram Story or feed.

Not only does this process make Instagram storytelling more appealing, but learning how to make a collage on Instagram story without Layout also lets users add extra layers of creativity. It enhances the visual appeal of Instagram Stories and enables the creation of unique narratives through collages.

Remember, the key lies in experimenting with designs, templates, and features until you find the right mix that suits your narrative. Harness the power of storytelling through collages, and push the boundaries of your Instagram game.

This guide on "How to Make Instagram Story on Computer"( may also provide beneficial insights for PC users. Instagram collage creation raises storytelling on the platform, elevating not just your own content, but also the viewer's visual engagement.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

This section outlines useful solutions to common issues, such as app glitches and unclear features, and offers precise answers to frequently asked questions about collage creation on Instagram.

Solving Crashes and Instabilities with the Instagram App

Experiencing crashes while crafting a collage in your Instagram story or encountering issues of instability with the Instagram app disrupts your creative process. Progress in diagnosing the problem requires a series of steps.

Restart your phone. Frequently, this simple step rectifies many application-related issues.

Maintain the up-to-date version of Instagram. Operating the app on an outdated iteration can spark instabilities. Updating it offers the latest feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Clear Instagram's cache. Over time, temporary files accumulated by the app may cause undesired functionality. Therefore you may have to remove all cache file. Remember, this step removes app's data on your device. Remember, this step removes app's data on your device.


Can you make a photo collage on an Instagram feed post?

Indeed, Instagram facilitates creating a collage for feed posts. Using the multi-photo feature, combine up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. Another option involves third-party collage apps like Canva or PicsArt to generate a collage, then upload it as a single image.

How do you add videos to an Instagram story collage?

Adding videos to your Instagram story collage broadens the canvas for creativity and engagement. Begin by creating a background for your collage. Next, select the sticker icon, then the photo sticker. Browse your gallery for the video, and add it to your story. Repeat this process to add multiple videos to your collage.

Why is my Instagram story layout not working?

Check if your Instagram app is updated. Any recent changes in the app may impact the Stories feature. Make sure that your automatic updates aren't disabled. The method to modify automatic updates will vary depending on your platform: Android [Change automatic update settings on Android] or iOS [Change automatic update settings on an iPhone].

Where can I find the layout option on Instagram?

launch your Instagram app and tap the 'camera' icon that is at the top left corner. At the bottom, you'll find 'layout'. Select the icon. Now, you can choose the grid layout you like.

Why has the layout on Instagram changed?

Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, says this change is meant to simplify Instagram and concentrate on its primary goal, which is to unify people over shared interests. This insight was shared in an Instagram Reel.

What is the process to create an Instagram story collage?

Start by opening Instagram and tapping 'Story' at the bottom. Next, tap the collage icon on the right. You have the option to either take a series of photos using your camera or select up to four pictures from your gallery by tapping the gallery icon in the bottom left.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Stories allows users to create multi-photo collages without using the layout tool, thanks to the photo sticker feature.
  • Instagram collages add depth to your stories, offering different perspectives and enhancing content vibrancy.
  • Third-party apps like Canva and PicsArt can provide even more customization and template options for users seeking a polished look for their collages.
  • Instagram's new stickers feature allows you to add as many photos as desired in each story. It's simple to use: select a background picture, tap the sticker icon, and choose 'Photo' to add more pictures.
  • Techniques like collage layering, utilizing the photo sticker feature, and including photos of different sizes, angles, and shapes can add customization to your Instagram collage.
  • Apps like Canva, Adobe Express, and Unfold can truly elevate your Instagram story collage by providing extensive design tools and templates.
  • Additional techniques like changing the Instagram story background color or turning live photos into Boomerangs can further enhance the visual impact of your collage.
  • Posting collages on Instagram diversifies content and keeps the audience engaged. There are many apps that you can use to create and customize your collages before posting, with Canva being a popular choice.



Instagram collages are a great storytelling tool capable of boosting your engagement. By employing appropriate methods, you can give your narratives depth, making them truly remarkable. Don't be disheartened by technical hiccups. Whether it's rebooting your device or clearing your app's cache, solutions abound to keep your Instagram story collage game strong. Moreover, armed with the FAQs, you're well-prepared to tackle any collage-related challenge that arises. So, unleash your creativity, share your story boldly, and do it your way.

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